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ah photography... the art of the camera
here is some of my photography which i've done around the city.

It's hard to remember all the names of the buildings off by heart in Brisbane but I think this one is called the queen street tower or something dumb. It's just a big office building. One of the tallest in the city!!!
...and then for lunch we went to Hakataya Ramen in Indooroopilly which is absolutely amazing because you can get like all of this for $10 and they give you free noodles too it's dope. Little bit of bias there though I'm not gonna lie, seeing as I loooove ramen :-P
Going into the city you can pass the famous Queensland Icon... The XXXX brewery. Of course nobody drinks XXXX it just kind of still stays open... it is a mystery..
The view of the suburbs.. I was up and awake really early to take this.. The sun comes up at 3-4 AM in Australia in the summer!!!
Queensland Museum's giant dinosaurs.. They're for kids but I just thought it was a fun thing to take a photo of.
My best friend James in front of the city skyline. There's going to be a huge casino building behind him eventually. At least I think it's going to be a casino.. Something the same size as that tall slanty one.
And, of course, can't have a touristy looking photo without taking a picture of yourself.. Or at least having your friend take one.
More of the skyline.. This was taken from South Bank looking across to the CBD.
The 3 segulls.. from south bank.. what are their names.. who knows.. what are their storiees.. i dont know.. how did they get here...

they walked
The Napolese Peace Pagoda built in 1986 was actually built for the 1988 world expo. I think it's one of two that isn't actually in nepal or however its spelt. Its pretty neat and you can go inside it sometimes.
Korean bbq in the middle of south bank. The south bank markets are my favourite but i wish they werent so overpriced LOL
ah yes brisbane.. never stop your pretentious wanna-be banksy art..
This is in the middle of the CBD. The statue had soemthing to do with the anzacs I believe.
a very, very old town center.
for anyone who hasn't actually seen one of these before.. it's an Ibis. their long beak was for eating worms out of mangroves but now they use it to get only the freshest of garbages brisbane city's bins has to offer...
Brisbane City botanical gardens. the photo doesn't do it justice becaues it's long since faded but they are so colorful.
lots and lots of flowers..
This was taken looking off of the Brisbane botanical gardens across to Kangaroo Point.
looong walk that you could probably get hella leg muscles from if you went on it every day
More of Kangaroo Point.
Looking back at the city.. There's a lot of boats along this river isnt there :-P
Another boat.. but its a dead boat and it doesnt work anymore or something
which is probably why it isnt in the water.
Brisbane does look pretty at sunset. All the time.
honk honk my ride is here... 
beware the powerlined shoes... for they are evil.
James at the "Asian Supermarket" in Indooroopilly. They sell some pretty legit food there. I'd love to get more stuff from there but its all in chinese so ya never know what yer getting :-o
More besties of mine, James and Courtney. They're hella dope.
We spent the night hanging before I left Queensland. I miss them :(
Chandler's dogs. they're only puppies now but next time I see them they'll be fully grown..
Connor and Matt @ hogs breath springfield. We had a little bit of a party due to the fact i got into university!!!!
Courtney and James messin around with the disposable.. I keep telling him to mail me that film roll i'll develop it for him to save the $7 processing fee at
Big W.. Haha
Photobombed by Conor :o
I actually kind of dropped the camera and the flash didn't work too well after this but that's basically everyone (visible) that was with us. Haha.
Me and Jon. I miss him. I don't talk to much people after I moved for uni. I've been too busy :(
More besties. Jay and Sal. More people I've been meaning to talk to... This film roll is giving me the feels ahhhh D:
Seb's dog, Angel! She's a pomeranian and she is the most evil dog you will ever meet..