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Koda's Ramblings - 04/12/2018 -- Nostalgia

You ever get nostalgic for a place or a time in your life that you, like, vaguely remember but you only ever had positive memories of it? For me, that would be the time after I left home at 14 and was kind of homeless.
I know that's probably the weirdest thing to be nostalgic about, but honestly, I just miss all the people I met. I still keep in touch with most of them, but it sucks having to move down to Sydney to finish university.

What I miss the most was hanging out in the train yard with my mates, watching the freight and coal trains pull out of the station at 6 am, and then we'd spend the day at the beach. I really miss Queensland.
I miss everyone in Queensland. I miss the weather, I miss how nice everybody was all the time. Sydney just feels so cold and empty and artificial. I've tried to make friends here and they've just screwed me over.

I mean, that's life I guess, and I'm probably looking back through rose tinted nostalgia goggles, but I genuinely do miss everyone, and everything up north. Some day I'll go back, mark my words on this here web page.